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Choosing a video monitoring system is a critical decision. This is particularly true when the consequences of a missed security breach or process malfunction can cost millions of dollars or cause harm to human life and the environment. When choosing a video system vendor,choose a company that not only has the experience in providing systems for critical industrial applications, but a company that has the expertise to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

LAKEMEN® camera systems are a combination of software and IP-based hardware that utilize industry-standard technologies. The open architecture of LAKEMEN® camera systems ensures easy installation, true scalability, and straight forward integration of third party products (e.g. legacy cameras, alarm and access control products, control software, etc.)

LAKEMEN® is an industry leader in the development of state-of-the-art video surveillance and monitoring systems that are built to operate reliably in demanding environments. Our camera line includes high speed PTZ domes, megapixel, fixed auto-zoom, and thermal cameras. All camera types are shipped IP-ready and can accommodate fiber, copper, or wireless network connections.

Should our standard product offering not fit your needs, we can work with your engineers to design a custom solution that exactly meets your requirements. LAKEMEN® has manufactured custom solutions to meet a wide variety of unique environmental and operational demands.

If you have any questions or services, please feel free to contact us by sales@lakemen.cn, we look forward to your call and Email.